Property rental



You are the proud owner of a property in Spain
So have you thought of renting it out? You could be making money on your property, while your not using it yourself. Many people would like to but finding the right person or company to do this for you is a problem.

We of CasaLasDunas are experienced in property management. After you have defined your house rules and price, we will do the rest. You will be informed of the occupied dates, the agreed amount of money will be made over to your account. Cleaning will be arranged by us, and of course we will keep an eye on the maintenance of your property. This is an easy way to make some extra cash and if your property is occupied at regular intervals, you have less chance of being robbed.

Renting out your property
Some extra cash to pay for your mortgage or holiday, but what about my belongings, what type of people will rent my property? What price should I ask, and what will be the occupancy expectations? These are the questions you ask yourself. You can of cause rent it yourself to friends and family, but you still need someone that is close at hand to check that things run smoothly. We can help you with the questions you have.

Cleaning Service
Our cleaning service uses only the most professional people to make sure that your apartment is in tip top condition when the guests arrive for their stay, and when leaving. Our laundry service is also available.

Aktuelle Nachrichten

Calpe, der Inbegriff des Mittelmeers. Der Peñón de Ifach, saubere und ruhige Strände, schöne Buchten, hohe Steilküsten, Täler und Berge, die sich über dem Meer abzeichnen, ein angenehmes Klima, der warme und freundliche Umgang der Menschen miteinander

Freitag 26 August 2016
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Hunderte unbeantworteter Nachrichten, die Kalender-App erinnert an Termine, und neuerdings lauern auch die Pokémon an jeder Ecke.

Freitag 12 August 2016
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Hier küssen die Musen
Ob an heißen Sommertagen oder kühlen Herbstnachmittagen: Ein Museumsbesuch lohnt sich und ist nicht nur auf Metropolen wie Alicante und Elche beschränkt.

Freitag 5 August 2016
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Deutscher spendet
Die Gemeinde Finestrat hat zwei Häuser in der Altstadt als Spende erhalten.

Freitag 29 Juli 2016
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Nicht nur Menschen lieben es, sich im Meer in die Wellen zu stürzen und den Strand für sich zu nutzen.

Dienstag 17 Mai 2016
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